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Wordfast Server

Wordfast Server (WFS) is an efficient solution to centralize large Translation Memories and share them over the Internet. It is an agile and nimble self-contained application: a single Windows executable file that does not require any third-party DBMS. It deploys in a few seconds.

WFS is geared toward large corporate translation departments, as well as Language Service Providers, who have a previous experience in Translation Memories and Terminology, and in the Wordfast ecosystem of translation tools. Deploying WFS will require personnel with basic experience of Translation technology, and IT personnel familiar within setting up and maintaining a client-server architecture.

WFS supports very large translation memories, which are beyond the scope of local desktops. This means hundreds of millions of Translation Units (TUs), up to a billion per single TM. WFS works efficiently with both large and small TMs, serving matches reliably, with negligible response times.

WFS offers full rights management, like read-only or read-write rights per translator, or per TM, etc.

Terminology is also served alongside translation memory. The format for both TMs and glossaries is the same as Wordfast Classic's format, arguably the simplest, most user-friendly TM and glossary format.

If you have any question concerning Wordfast Server, please contact us.

Wordfast Server Runs full-featured in demo mode with up to three connected clients. Only requires a connected Windows workstation. Unlimited number of TMs, glossaries, languages. Can be used with Wordfast Classic, Wordfast Pro, Wordfast Anywhere.
Wordfast Server Full manual Contains all you need to get started with WFS, and run it. It also includes the API for third-party application developers.
Quick startup guide Quick startup guide for localization project administrators. Requires moderate IT & network administration skills.
Quick setup for WF Pro Quick guide for setting up Wordfast Pro with Wordfast Server.

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