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Works on Macs, Linux, Windows, Android, Tablets, phones - huge, shared, confidential translation memory - same with terminology - unlimited machine translation - nothing to install - nothing to pay - real confidentiality - workgroup-enabled - true ubiquity - from one to a million pages - spare me the hype... let me try!

Wordfast Anywhere is a demonstration of the ultimate online Translation Tool. It is made available to all translators (not just Wordfast users) for free, yet offers true confidentiality. Yes - you can use WF Anywhere for work and production. Wordfast Anywhere offers unlimited private Translation Memory + private Terminology + optional public TM + optional Machine Translation. The confidentiality of your data (documents, TM, terminology) is total and uncompromising: it's not shared (unless you decide to share data with selected colleagues), it's not disclosed or recycled in any way. And there's no advertizing to distract you.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I need to pay?A: No. It's free, no strings attached, no covert scheme. No advertizing.
Q: What details must I provide to register?A: Provide an email address, choose a password. We don't want to know anything else. No forms, no surveys, no credit cards.
Q: OK. That tool must be slow, inefficient, awkward...A: Nope. It's just as good as all translation tools out there, and much better in our view. Plus, there's an option to tap into a huge reservoir of public-domain translations (the VLTM).
Q: So, it's a connected tool. What do I lose if there's a connection loss?A: At most, the one sentence you were translating. With an old-fashioned translation tool installed in a local PC, if the PC breaks down, you can lose everything at worse, hours of work at best. With Wordfast Anywhere, you're safe.
Q: What about confidentiality? A: Your documents, TMs and glossaries are and remain confidential at all times - period. They will never be disclosed to any third party. They will never be used by us in any way. The optional VLTM (a Very Large TM we created from public-domain data) is a give-only, read-only project that strictly protects confidentiality.
Q: Some LSPs peddle a similar technology at harrowing costs... Those LSPs prey on institutions & large corporations, where execs need a tech alibi at board meetings to justify budgets. So goes the world.
Q: And... again, sorry. Is this really free?A: Yep. Ready?.. Click here to launch Wordfast Anywhere

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