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Wordfast LLC is a private company based in the USA. The company develops Wordfast and provides related services. Wordfast's architect is Yves Champollion. Wordfast is adhocratic in its structure and in its approach to developing new solutions.

The first version of Wordfast was developed in 1999. At that time, there were only a few TM software packages available, at steep prices. The initial idea was to develop a power-to-the people TM package at an affordable price.

Right from the beginning, Wordfast made a point of constantly submitting any new development to a group of real translators for feedback and criticism. We went to great lengths, for example, to only use a plain-text format for TMs and glossaries so that translators can use standard tools to manipulate data.

Today, Wordfast is used by over 35,000 translators world-wide in practically all languages. It has earned rave reviews from numerous publications for its simplicity and power. Wordfast is widely used in the academical world for training students in translation technology.

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