Your First Translation with Wordfast Pro

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Wordfast Pro Step by Step Translation Session, demonstrated by: Yasmin Moslem

You can translate files using Wordfast Pro as follows:

  • Create/open a project ("File" menu)
  • Create/open a translation memory ("Translation Memory" menu > "New/Select TM").
  • "Open" the source file you want to translate ("File" menu).
  • Insert the translation in the target cell and move to the next segment using Alt+Down.
  • Make sure you insert the tags/placeables by using Ctrl+Alt+Right to select a tag and Ctrl+Alt+Down to insert it.
  • After finalizing the translation, press Alt+End and click "Save".
  • Select "Save Translated file" from "File" menu to have the target translated file in the same original format to send back to your client.