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In the Extracting frequents process, repetitive source segments are extracted from the files for translation. Extracting frequents helps reduce the total number of segments to be translated. It is also useful for merging multiple TXML files.

In this video, you will learn how to use the Extract Frequents feature.

-----------> Extracting Frequents from TXML Files, demonstrated by Yasmin Moslem

  • Open the PM perspective.
  • Click Extract Frequents.
  • Click Add Files.
  • Select the folder with the files. Ensure that the TXML files and the original source files are at the same location.
  • Select the files from which you want to extract frequents.
  • Enter the minimum number of repetitions for a segment that you want to extract.
  • Keep the default value "1" if you just want to merge all the TXML files, without repetitions.
  • Enter a higher value, if you want to extract only repetitions.
  • Type a prefix for the file names.
  • You can also select a different location for saving the output TXML files.
  • Now, click "Extract".
  • The repetitive segments are extracted, and saved to one or more new TXML files.
  • The TXML files with extracted frequent segments can be sent to the translator for translation. After translated files are received from the translators, they are cleaned up, updating the TM. The TM is then applied to the original TXML files through pre-translation to complete the translation process.