Bilingual MS Word Table DOC from WFP TXML

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  • Open the TXML file in Wordfast Pro.
  • Switch to the "Text View".
  • Press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to Select All, and then Ctrl+C (Copy)
  • Open a new MS Word document and press Ctrl+V (Paste)
  • Press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to Select All
  • Open "Table" menu (or in Word 2007 "Insert" pane > "Table"), and select "Convert Text to Table".
  • "Number of Columns" should be "4"
  • OK
  • Now, you should have four-column table; you may like to "delete" the two columns of codes.

More Tips:

  • One can use PlusToyz to convert the table to Trados-like Segmented document.
  • One can originally use a special mark in both the source and target to distinguish paragraphs to find-replace it later and restore the file structure.

--Yasmin Moslem 19 December 2011