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Giảm chi phí, tăng chất lượng...

Serious executives are cautious about the self-serving hype served by "solution providers", like cutting-edge technology, dramatic cost-cutting, state-of-the-art, artificial-intelligence driven linguistic engine, utmost scalability etc.

Wordfast has decided not to partake of this unverifiable blah-blah. See our policy on Advertizing and Public Relations for more explanations on this choice.

There is one way, however, to see what Wordfast really has to offer. is the independent community of choice for thousands of translation/localization professionals worldwide. Its website offers practically everything a translation-dedicated portal could ever offer.

One of its sections is dedicated to translation tools (click "CAT center"). gives a short introduction on what CAT tools are all about, and offers many links to scholarly articles on CAT tools in general, and how effective they can be in a corporate environment. also offers a comparative list of CAT tools, where tools are rated based on votes cast by translation professionals. Since is a paying site, this eliminates bogus votes seen in other forums (believe it or not, some translation tool makers run forums with voting machines that inevitably... rate them #1). The result is: Wordfast is only second to Trados in terms of licenses sold, although it appeared much later on the market. An earlier rating (no longer available at PROZ) was rating Wordfast first in terms of quality and features, above all competitors.

There are countless sterling references to Wordfast's qualities - simply searching google will land you there: scholarly articles, conference proceedings, newsgroup discussions etc. Out of sheer respect, we would rather not shower you with the slick and egotic self-praise found in other CAT tool websites.

See our page on integrating Wordfast in a legacy translation environment for more information on deploying Wordfast in a corporate environment.

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