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TM Lookup in Wordfast Pro can help you make better use of translation units already stored in the TM. In Wordfast Pro, you can select a word or phrase from the source/target text and press Shift+Ctrl+T (or you can type the word/phrase in the TM Lookup textbox and click on "Find in Source" or "Find in Target" button; you can use quotes to search for the exact phrase.) to find a list of results appearing in the TM Lookup pane.

You can select the result you like and press Ctrl+Alt+M to insert it into the target cell. Also, you can simply copy just a part of the result after double-clicking it.

Moreover, you can go to Edit > Preferences > Translation Memory and check the option: Perform TM Lookup automatically > OK. Now, every time you move to a segment, you will see all its words in the TM Lookup textbox which will be automatically searched.