Licensing Issues in Wordfast Pro 3

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You have followed all the steps and still see the "DEMO MODE" hint when you open Wordfast Pro 3. What gives?

  • Apparently, your .lic file is not properly installed. Please go to "Help" menu > "Licence Management" on the machine you would like to license and see your Install No. Is it the same as your .lic file name? If not, so you need to re-license by entering your shown Install No. into Wordfast online licensing system.
  • Moreover, please double-check that the "date" of your machine is correct.

What is my install number?

Open Wordfast Pro > Help menu > License Management to know the Install No.

Do I have only one install number?

You do NOT have any Install No. Each machine (and even each user account on a machine) has a "unique" Install No. which you should use to license Wordfast Pro.

If I change my machine or operating system, can I use the same Install No?

No. You can relicense using the new Install No. of this new machine. Open Wordfast Pro > Help menu > License Management to know the Install No.

I have multiple install numbers; which one should I use?

You should use only the number that you have in your installed Wordfast Pro on the machine you want to license now.

I cannot change the Install No. in WFP to be as my original Install No.

You should not change the install number; you should rather use it. Copy the new Install No. and go to to get a matching *.lic file.

I received a *.lic file by email, but I cannot open it with any application

The only application that should open the *.lic file is Wordfast Pro License Manager.

  • Open Wordfast Pro and go to Help > License Management.
  • Click on "Licence Manager".
  • Select "(Re-)Install an licence Certificate".
  • Click "Next".
  • Click "Browse".
  • Locate the .lic file.
  • Click "Open".
  • Click "Next", "Next", and "Finish".
  • Restart Wordfast Pro.