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Please login to your account at our website ( and then download and install the latest version of Wordfast Classic available at:

Now, as you are connected to the Internet, your Wordfast Classic will be automatically licensed. In the (?) tab of Wordfast Classic, you can see some hint like:

Licensed to [your email address]. Installed N times.


[Wordfast Classic] version 5.92 and earlier displayed an install number (computed by Wordfast) and a license number (entered by the user). These numbers were displayed in the '?' tab, as shown here:

Licensing 592m.png

Starting with version 6 of Wordfast Classic, the install and license numbers are no longer displayed in the '?' tab. Instead, the following message is displayed:

Licensed to [your_truncated_address] – installed x time(s)

as shown here:

Licensing 601g.png

Please note that Wordfast still uses install and license numbers: these numbers are stored in file wordfast.cfg, located in the same folder as The install number is computed by Wordfast, as in earlier versions of Wordfast. The license number is automatically fetched by Wordfast from, which is a new feature introduced in version 6. The aim of this change is to eliminate the risk of using an incorrect license number, which frustrated lots of users and caused unnecessary burden on the Wordfast Hotline.

Licensed to [my address] – installed 4 times

Problem: The following warning is displayed in the '?’ tab of Wordfast Classic 6 and later:

Licensed to [my address] – installed 4 times Please visit urgently

as shown here:

Licensing 601g installed 4 times.png

Cause: You have installed Wordfast on more than four computers.

     Wordfast Classic (WFC) licenses are valid for three years from date of purchase. 
     You can install and reinstall WFC as much as needed for your personal use. 
     To keep prices low and prevent abuses, we ask that you contact us after 4 (four) re-installations of WFC in the same year. 
     Simply explain why you need to install Worfast four times in the same year 
     (for example: Windows crash, hard disk crash, moving to a new computer, etc.). 
     Your request will most likely be granted, your yearly license counter will be reset, and you will be able to install and run WFC again. 
     Our policy simply ensures that your copy of Wordfast is not stolen, or distributed to others.
     We are committed to ensure that you can continue using WFC without interruption for at least three years from date of purchase.
     The complete End User License Agreement (EULA) which you accepted when buying can be read here.
     Kind regards,
     The Wordfast Team. 

Solution: Contact the Wordfast Hotline and provide an explanation as to why you exhausted your yearly relicensing quota.

--Dominique Pivard 09 February 2012