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Background Translation Memory (BTM) is an additional translation memory (TM) file that can be used during translation with Wordfast Classic.

To select a TM file as a BTM in Classic, open the Classic window, select the Translation Memory tab, select the BTM sub-tab, and click Select BTM. Select any Wordfast TM file, except the one currently selected as your active TM in Classic.

Differences between TM and BTM

  • Working without a TM selected is unusual, while selecting a BTM in Classic is a special option. No need to select a BTM, unless you know why you need it.
  • The BTM is read-only. As you translate, no new translation units are added in your BTM.
  • Matches from the BTM have priority over TM matches. You can change it by using the PB command: TranslationMemoryOrder=BTM,TM,VLTM
  • Until Wordfast Classic version 6.03t, only exact matches were proposed from the BTM.