Auto-Propagation in WFP

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Auto-Propagation in Wordfast Pro, demonstrated by Yasmin Moslem

In general, Auto-propagation means that if you have some "repetitions", viz. segments with the same source text, and you translate and commit it to the TM (Alt+Down OR Alt+Q), the rest of the repetitive segments will be automatically filled with the same translation.[1]

To activate the option of Auto-propagation in Wordfast Pro, go to Edit menu > Preferences > Auto-Propagation, and activate the required options.


  1. Note that if the current segment is an exact match (green) or fuzzy match (yellow) and you need it be auto-propagated to other segments on the same document, you have to activate the option "Write unedited fuzzy and exact matches to the TM" at Edit menu > Preferences > Translation Memory before pressing Alt+Down or Alt+Q.