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--[[User:Yasmin|Yasmin Moslem]] 28 July 2012
Updated by [[User:Byron|Byron]] 10 January 2019
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Translating WFC Segmented Document Using WFP - By Yasmin Moslem

Some clients ask translators for sending unclean documents like those generated by Wordfast Classic or Trados 2007. One way is to ask your client for a prepared document to be able to translate it in Wordfast Pro.[1]

Your client should send you already segmented doc/rtf files or you can prepare them yourself. The source should be copied to all target segments.

Here is a sample file. You can translate it in Wordfast Pro as a test; Wordfast Pro ignores hidden text, namely source segments and delimiters; however, it will import only the copy-sourced text because it is not hidden.


--Yasmin Moslem 28 July 2012

Updated by Byron 10 January 2019