HTML Tags in Excel as Placeables

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Excluding Tags in Excel, demonstrated by: Dominique Pivard

If your Excel file contains HTML tags or other kinds of codes, you can mark them as placeables in Wordfast Professional so that they are counted as Tags, rather than words or characters in the Analysis report.

While opening an Excel document in Wordfast Pro, select the Advanced Wizard. In the very last option Regular Expression, you can enter tags separated by a pipe |

For example, in the Regular Expression dialogue, you can enter:


... or for any tag you can just enter:


... or any other tag or string you want to mark as placeable. You can even mark any word or phrase as placeable.

Note that if your file does not include any HTML tags or codes, you should leave the Regular Expression field empty and click Finish.

--Yasmin Moslem 22 February 2010