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How to install a licensed copy of Wordfast Classic

Starting May 15, 2011, Wordfast Classic version 6.03q (or later versions) has an automatic licensing procedure that does not require user input.

An owner of a valid Wordfast Classic license needs to log in at this site ( with the credentials (login and password) supplied at purchase time, download the full version of Wordfast Classic (stamped with your ID, based on your login), and install it on their computer. It will automatically replace any previously installed demo version.

The manual licensing procedure below only applies to older Wordfast Classic versions.

Old manual licensing procedure (for Wordfast Classic prior to version 6.03q)

1. Download and install Wordfast Classic if not done yet (you should have Wordfast Classic installed and running before you buy).

2. When Wordfast Classic is installed, click the last icon in Wordfast's toolbar to open Wordfast's User Interface...

(Note that the design of the icons in recent Wordfast Classic versions may be slightly different. The icon to click in order to open the Wordfast window is the one with several small colourful balls.)

... and access the ? (About Wordfast) tab.

3. Note or copy-paste the eight-figure install number (yours will be different). You will have to provide that install number to get a license number.

Word:Mac 2004 users:

1. Download Wordfast and install it (you must have Wordfast installed and running before you buy). Click License in the drop-down menu labelled with a question mark [?] on the Wordfast toolbar:

  Note: Wordfast's installation is explained in the reference manual or in one of our videos.

2. Note the install number (yours will be different). You will have to provide that number to obtain a license number.

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