How can I install and license my Wordfast?

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License Agreement

The licensing terms and conditions are set in the Wordfast End-User License Agreement (EULA). It's a short, useful document. Make sure you don't ignore it.

Download, install and license Wordfast Classic

Log in to your account at our website ( and download the latest version of Wordfast Classic. The download is a ZIP file and contains both the program file ( and installation instructions (WFReadMe.doc).

Extract (unzip) the ZIP file and then follow the instructions in the WFReadMe file and/or see How to install Wordfast Classic.

When you start using Wordfast Classic (6.0 or newer) in MS Word on your computer, it will license itself automatically, supposing your computer has internet access. The status of your license should be shown on the [?] tab in Wordfast Classic.

For details about Wordfast Classic licensing, see how to license Wordfast Classic.

Note: Never save changes to if MS Word suggests to do so. They can compromise the license status on your computer. For details, see Save changes to

Download, install and license Wordfast Pro

How to license Wordfast Pro

First, download and install Wordfast Pro on your computer.

Second, license your Wordfast Pro installation by following these instructions:

You can also watch our small video, which describes Wordfast Pro licensing steps.[3]

Manuals and Help

Wordfast Classic:

Wordfast Pro:



  1. Do not use any old install number you may have seen in your previous Wordfast installation!
  2. You will also receive the license file as an email attachment. However, this email option may fail, so we recommend downloading the license file directly from our website.
  3. If you want to install Wordfast Pro on a new machine, you can also check this article about Changing Machines.
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