Translation of TTX Files in WFP

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How to Translate TagEditor TTX Files in Wordfast Pro (video by Yasmin Moslem)

Ask your client to pre-translate the TTX file in Trados even against an empty TM and send you the *segmented* TTX file to be able to open and translate in Wordfast Pro. You can even do this yourself in the DEMO version of Trados 2007.

Open Trados 2007 Workbench > Tools > Translate > Add (to select the TTX file) > (check) Segment unknown sentences > Translate. (A demo version of Trados should be enough for doing this yourself.)

  1. Right-click the "segmented" TTX and select to open it in Wordfast Pro, or open Wordfast Pro > File menu, and select Open File.
  2. It will ask you to create a project for you if the current one has different language locales.
  3. Select the required TM: Translation Memory menu > Add Local > Open to browse for your TM (or New if you do not have one).
  4. Place the cursor in the target cell and click Clear Target > Clear All Target to remove the copied source.
  5. Type the translation and click Next Segment to commit (store) it into the TM and move to the next segment.
  6. While translating, make sure you enter the tags in their proper places. See Copy Tags from Source Segments for more information.
  7. Continue translation until the end of the file, click Commit All to make sure you have only violet colors.
  8. When you finish the translation, select File menu > Save File As Translated to have the (bilingual) translated TTX file that you have to send back to your client.

Written by Yasmin Moslem, 28 July 2012

Updated by Byron, 10 January 2019