Translating Mindjet MindManager Files

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The Mindmap file is actually a compressed archive. When I changed its extension to ZIP, I was able to extract its contents. I copied Document.xml to translate it.

If you open Document.xml in a text editor, you will see that the translatable parts are identified in the attribute: PlainText.

To translate Document.xml in Wordfast Pro, I just created a very simple two-line *.properties file (click here to download it)


To open the XML file in Wordfast Pro, go to Edit menu > Preferences > Formats > New > Text-based Filter.

Click the [...] button to locate the (*.properties) file. Make sure the "Extension" textbox shows *.xml and save the settings (OK).

Now, you should be able to open the XML file in WFP (File menu > Open file).

After translation, replace the original Document.xml with the translated one, zip the files again, and restore the MMAP extension.

Now, you should be able to open the translated MMAP in Mindjet MindManager Professional.

It would be much easier if the Mindjet MindManager developers add a two-way option to the application itself for importing and exporting back the XML file.

--Yasmin Moslem 05 June 2012

Version: Wordfast Pro 5.7
Operating System: macOS

Updated by Star 15 January 2019