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Version: Wordfast Pro 5.8 <br>  Operating System: macOS
Version: Wordfast Pro 5.8 <br>  Operating System: macOS
--[[User:John|John]] 12 December 2018
Written by [[User:John|John]] 12 December 2018
Updated by [[User:Star|Star]] 21 January 2019
Updated by [[User:Star|Star]] 21 January 2019

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Q. Help! I can't open Powerpoint files in Wordfast Pro 5.3 (and above)?

This is a known bug but is beyond Wordfast’s control. It should only affect users on Mac High Sierra and above (10.13.2) whose primary interface language does not match their regional settings.

However, there is a workaround! Go to your Language & Region settings and make sure the region “matches” your primary language. For example, if your primary language is French, select France as the region. If this fails, set your region to United States.

Q. How can I import a PDF file for translation?

As of version 5.7, Wordfast Pro 5 for Mac comes bundled OCR software used to convert PDF files. However, if the conversion fails, we recommend the following alternatives, both of which are free:

  1. Create an account as [www.freetm.com] and upload your file there. Wordfast Anywhere will convert the PDF into an editable Word document that you can then download and translate in Wordfast Pro 5. We recommend opening the converted file and editing the formatting and layout before importing for translation in Wordfast Pro 5.
  2. Send your PDF to wordcount@wordfast.com and specify the source language (in English) in the subject of your email. Wordfast will send you an editable Word document in addition to a word count by email within minutes if not seconds. For more information about this free service, please see this page on our website.

If you have to handle PDF files regularly or receive complicated PDF files, we recommend purchasing dedicated OCR software.

Q. My Mac won't let me install Wordfast because it was not downloaded from the App store or is not an identified developer. What can I do?

Newer versions of Mac OS (namely on MacBook Air) removed the option allowing you to install apps downloaded from ”Anywhere” in the Security & Privacy section of the System Preferences.

Here are some instructions you can follow to restore that option.

Version: Wordfast Pro 5.8
Operating System: macOS

Written by John 12 December 2018

Updated by Star 21 January 2019