Licensing Issues with Wordfast Pro 5

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If you are experiencing problems with the online activation, this is likely caused by a firewall that is preventing Wordfast Pro 5 from “calling home” to verify your activation key.

If this happens, you can manually activate your license.

Please note three important issues related to manual activation:

  1. Your company may have an email firewall that prevents you from receiving the license file. Try using a private email account for manual activation and double check your spam or promotions folder for the email.
  2. As of version 5.8, click on Copy to clipboard to copy the manual activation string.
  3. When emailing the manual activation string, DO NOT use an email subject or signature.

Version: Wordfast Pro 5.8
Operating System: macOS

--John 18 April 2017

Updated by Star 19 January 2019