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Wordfast Classic (WFC) integrates as an add-in into Microsoft Word. This means it needs to be installed as an add-in into a compatible MS Word installation.

You can download and install the demo version, or, if you own a license, the full version.

Download and install Wordfast Classic

To download and install WFC, follow these three steps.

  1. Before you install WFC on your computer, check the compatibility tables to see if your operating system and MS Office version support WFC.
  2. To download WFC:
  3. Adjust MS Word settings and install WFC by following the installation instructions in the WFC user manual.[2]

Activate Wordfast Classic in Word

When WFC is installed, it is inactive when you open MS Word. When you want to use WFC in Word, press Ctrl+Alt+W. This will activate WFC and its toolbar[3] will appear in Word.

Mac users: Before pressing Ctrl+Alt+W, make sure to go to Tools/Templates & Add-Ins menu, and check to activate it.

Check version number and license status

The version number and license status in WFC.

After you install WFC (or any time in future), you may want to check:

  • the status of your license in WFC on your computer, and
  • the version number of WFC on your computer.

To do this, open the WFC settings window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+W or by clicking on the rightmost icon on the WFC toolbar and access the ? tab. The details are shown there.[4]

If your version is older than the one available at the download page, you can update your WFC version to the latest one.

Update Wordfast Classic

To update your WFC version to the latest one, follow the above instructions to download and install WFC. The new version will replace the older one, while your settings, translation memories, etc. will remain. As long as your WFC license is valid, updating to the latest version is free of charge.

Special cases: Activate the license manually

If you are using a very old WFC version[5] (not recommended), you will need to unlock the demo mode manually by creating a license number. You may also need to do this if you are using WFC in a computer that has no internet connection[6] for an extended period of time.


  1. Do not send your registered copy of the program to anybody else because they would be running your license, in breach of the license agreement, which could block the license after some time.
  2. Note: There are outdated articles about how to install WFC in Word 2000, XP or 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010, and Word 2013 (all for Windows). These old articles include some screenshots. If you refer to them, do so with caution. We will delete the old articles one day.
  3. Recent WFC versions feature a newly designed toolbar (the old one tended to worry some security software). Note that you can adjust the size of the toolbar (and make it floatable) in Setup > View > Toolbar size in the WFC settings window.
  4. When you press Ctrl+Alt+P in MS Word, Wordfast will generate a report that also shows your version number – and many other details about your system and WFC settings. The setup report may be useful if you contact us because WFC does not seem to work well on your system.
  5. Any version older than v. 6.01c, released in June 2011.
  6. Once in a while, WFC needs to be able to validate the user ID stamp (a number) against our database of active licenses. No personal information is ever transmitted.