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Location of Wordfast Pro program files

MacOS: everything is contained in the Applications folder

  • MacIntosh HD:Applications:Wordfast
  • Right-click > Show package content


  • 32-bit version: c:\program files (x86)\Wordfast Pro
  • 64-bit version: c:\program files\Wordfast Pro
  • c:\Users\[username]\.gs4tr.editor\5.19.0_x64[1]

Default location for projects


  • MacIntosh HD:Users:[Username]WordfastPro:Projects


  • c:\Users\[username]\WordfastPro\Projects

MacOS and Windows:

  • Important file in WordfastPro folder: applications.settings
  • Personal preferences, project names etc. are stored in this file
  • DO NOT store project / TM / glossary files in Dropbox / GoogleDrive / OneDrive / iCloud or similar folders

Location for TMs and glossaries

No default location is suggested by Wordfast Pro

DO NOT store TM/glossary folders on cloud-based drives

Suggested locations:

  • MacOS:
    • MacIntosh HD:Users:[username]:documents:TM
    • MacIntosh HD:Users:[username]:documents:glossaries
  • Windows:
    • c:\users\[username]\documents\TM
    • c:\users\[username]\documents\glossaries

Project structure

  • A project is a folder (project folder has the same name as the project) that contains a master file (Project.wf4) and a bunch of subfolders (archive, source, [target-language], references, report, txlf)
  • The master file Project.wf4 is an XML file that contains preferences for the project and pointers to the project files
  • Hierarchy of project folders :

Creating a project

1. click Create Project on the Projects tab.

2. In the "Project Creation" wizard, Save Project To: Browse to the location where the project will be saved.

Create local Translation Memory and Glossary

1. Browse and select the location where files will be saved in the creation wizard.

Version: Wordfast Pro 5.19
Operating System: macOS

Created by John 15 December 2020

  1. This folder can/should be deleted if Wordfast Pro fails to start