Excluding Excel Columns/Rows in Wordfast Pro

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To exclude certain rows and columns in Excel files, please follow the steps:

1. Go to Preferences by clicking the Wordfast Pro dropdown on the upper-left corner. 2. Click Filters under 'New Project Preferences'. 3. In 'Available filters', choose the filter that matches your Excel file format (such as .xlsm). 4. In 'Format Settings' beneath, make sure 'Skip hidden rows and columns' is ticked. 5. Click OK to save changes.

After creating a new project and opening the Excel file, the hidden rows and columns won't be visible in segments.

If in step 3, there is not a filter for Excel files already, click Add to create a new one. Then finish step 4 and 5.

Version: Wordfast Pro 5.7
Operating System: macOS

--Byron, 19 January 2019