Changing Machines

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You have gotten a new machine, and you need to move your Wordfast Pro work to it. Here are the details you need:


Yes, you can license your new machine. However, you do NOT need the old license or install number; you cannot use either on the new machine. Actually, when you install Wordfast Pro on a new machine, you will get a new Install Number that you can use to get a new license file. For more information about the licensing process, clik here to check how to license Wordfast.

TXML files

TXML files are Wordfast Pro bilingual translation files. They are located where you have saved them, usually in the same folder(s) as the original source documents. Just copy them to the new machines and open them in Wordfast Pro.

Translation Memories

As for the Translation Memory files, you will just need to know where you have saved them. You just need to copy the (*.txt) files so that you can ADD them again in the new installation: Translation Memory menu > New/Select TM > ADD TM > Browse, and locate the TM (*.txt) file.


All that you need is to export your glossary and import it later:

  • Terminology (menu) > New/Select Glossary.
  • Click on Export button.
  • From Glossary (dropdown menu), select the glossary you want to export.
  • From Export type, keep it Tab-delimited text file (*.txt)
  • Click on Browse to select the location where you want to save your glossary and give it a proper name.
  • Save > OK - an "exported successfully" message should appear.
  • Now, you can copy your .txt glossary you have just exported to use again in Wordfast.

To import the glossary to Wordfast Pro,

  • Terminology (menu) > New/Select Glossary
  • Click on Import button.
  • From File Type, keep it Tab-delimited text file (*.txt).
  • Click on Browse... to select the .txt glossary you want to import; Open.
  • If this is the first time you use this glossary, keep the option Create new Glossary selected. If you want to update a glossary you already selected in WFP, check Import into existing glossary, select the existing glossary into which you want import the terms of the other glossary, and the way you want WFP to deal with source terms that already exist.
  • A message will appear telling you about the number of terms that will be imported. An "imported successfully" message should appear.
  • Now, you can use the imported glossary, as usual.

Troubleshooting Tip

If you cannot access your glossaries in Wordfast Pro to Export them, you can use their backup copies. You can find them at a path like: C:\Users\USERNAME\.wf_workspace\glossaries

Note: USERNAME is the name of the user on your machine.

Copy all the TXT files found in the folder "glossaries" to be able to Import them back in the above-mentioned way.