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Title: How to translate TTX Files
Author: Yasmin Moslem
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Article last updated: 2012-06-19 19:21:49
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How to translate TagEditor TTX Files


Please ask your client to pre-translate the TTX file in Trados even against an empty TM and send you the *segmented* TTX file to be able to open and translate in WFP 2.3.

To do so, they need to open Trados Workbench > Tools > Translate > Add (to select the TTX file) > (check) Segment unknown sentences > Translate. (A demo version of Trados should be enough for doing this yourself.)

  • Right-click the "segmented" TTX and select to open it in Wordfast Pro.
  • It will ask you to create a project for you if the current one has different language locales.
  • Select the required TM: Translation Memory menu > New/Select TM > "Open" to browse for your TM (or "New" if you do not have one).
  • Place the cursor in the target cell and press Ctrl+Alt+X or Alt+Delete to remove the copied source.
  • Type the translation and press Alt+Down to commit (store) it into the TM and move to the next segment.
  • While translating, make sure you enter the placeables in their proper places. Placeables look like {ut1}. Press Ctrl+Alt+Right to select a placeable and Ctrl+Alt+Down to insert it in its location in the target cell.
  • Continue translation until the end of the file, press Alt+End, and make sure you have only violet, green and/or yellow segments; pink segments mean that they have been edited without committing into the TM.
  • When you finish the translation, select "File" menu > "Save Translated File" to have the (bilingual) translated TTX file that you have to send back to your client.


You can use Ctrl+Alt+X or Alt+Delete to remove the content of a target segment. If you want to remove the content of ALL the target segments before starting the translation, you can use the shortcut Alt+Shift+Delete.
You may like to watch this illustrative video here.
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