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Wordfast version history Kan jeg installere Wordfast på mer enn én datamaskin?
Where do I get the full version of Wordfast, after I pay?
Do you have a representative or dealer in my country?
Is there any other payment method than what is listed in the website?
Once I bought, how long will I be able to use Wordfast?
What about upgrades to newer versions?
Any exceptions to the Gratuity clause? Like, for students, unemployed etc?
Installation fails. What can be wrong?

Can I install Wordfast on more than one computer?

The short answer to free-lance translators or individual buyers is yes, and to commercial companies, translation agencies, no. (Of course, if you change computers, hard disk etc, all will be able to re-install Wordfast for free, subject to some conditions - but this is another point). See the Wordfast User License Agreement, which gives more detail, with many examples.

Where do I get the "full version" of Wordfast after I pay?

Wordfast is a try-before-you-buy program: you already have it installed and running on your computer before you decide to buy. (If this is not so, download and install Wordfast from and try it). The version you have is the full version, the only one version - it just runs in demo mode, without a license number. It is limited to a translation memory size of 500 units until you buy a license number, which has to be entered in Wordfast. What you buy is actually a license number that lifts Wordfast's only limitation.

Do you have a representative or dealer in my country?

No. Wordfast is only sold direct and on-line from, to keep prices low. Note that there may be colleagues (translators) that can provide basic training for starting with Wordfast (see Community/Training), but distribution and sales are only through

Is there any other payment method than what is listed in the website?

Sorry, no. The website gives links to credit card and direct bank transfer. We apologize, but we cannot directly handle cash sent by Postal Money Orders, Western Union etc
Note that ShareIt! takes practically any form of payment, not just credit cards. It may take International Postal Money orders from your country - see with ShareIt! This system is expensive and very slow.

Once I bought, how long will I be able to use Wordfast?

A Wordfast license is valid as long as the "Install" number displayed by Wordfast does not change. This install number is based upon physicla characteristics of your computer's setup. This Install number can change if you change computer, change or format hard disk (PC) or change OS or Word version (Mac). In this case, you will need to re-license Wordfast. This re-licensing is free for three years from the date of purchase. See the Wordfast User License Agreement for more information.
After three years, you can continue using Wordfast as long as your Install number does not change, which can mean years for most users.

What about upgrades to newer versions?

During the first three years after you bought a license, you can upgrade for free to any newer version of Wordfast. After these three years, you are allowed to buy a new license with a 50% discount, and are entitled to the same conditions as a new buyer, except for the free hotline.

Any exceptions to the Gratuity clause? I'm a student, can I have Wordfast for free?

Sorry, no exceptions to the gratuity clause. This is to ensure a fair treatment to all, and keep Wordfast's price low.
If you are a student, your Professor can apply for gratuity for you, and for other students in your class.

Installation fails. What can be wrong?

Make sure you read and applied the advice in the manual - better try the English manual, which is more regularly updated (download here). See the sections on "Installation" and "Troubleshooting".
If the above fails: In Ms-Word, type Alt+F11 (or use the Tools/Macros/Visual Basic Editor menu) to open the Visual Basic window. Use the Tools/Options dialog box, go to the "General" tab. Tick the lower of the three options in "Error recuperation" group (this options says "Stop on unknown errors only". Check both checkboxes in the "Compilation" group. Close the Visual Basic window. In Ms-Word, make sure one more time that the Tools/Macros/Security setting (if there is such a menu) is set to "Low". Close Ms-Word, open it again and try installation again.
If all this fails, and your version of Ms-Word is 97 or above, try installing Wordfast on another computer, as a test routine. Then consider de-installing/Re-installing Ms-Word or Office on your own computer.

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